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Sandstone Circles

Umang Stone International provides a wide selection of sandstone products to meet most building and construction needs with a variety of sizes and surface finishes. If you have a special requirement or style that isn't shown here, please contact us with more information and we'll be glad to help you with your specific requirements.
Sizes Available
 2.9 and 4.0 Metres

Slate Grey | Modak | Raj Green | Kandla Grey | Fossil Mint | Kota Brown

Slate Grey Modak Raj Green

Kandla Grey Fossil Mint Kota Brown
Available Sizes : Sizes 1.0 Mtr Dia 1.8 Mtr Dia 2.8 Mtr Dia 3.0 Mtr Dia 3.6 Mtr Dia 4.0 Mtr Dia 5.0 Mtr Dia These sizes are our standard sizes and any other sizes are available on request. Available in circle paving or with squaring off kit, crazy circles and in star circle to view photo of star circle please click the link new products.
Thickness : Normal thickness is 25 to 35 mm and also calibrated thickness 25 mm or 30 mm is available. These thicknesses are our standard thicknesses and any other thicknesses are available on request
Finishes : Handcut and Natural surface
Product Detail : Circles Paving are available in many shades like, Mint, Modak, Autumn Grey, golden leaf, Autumn brown,raj green,Black sand stone,buff, also in lime stone like black lime stone,kota blue, kota brown etc.

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