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Six Sides Sawn
Umang Stone International provides a wide selection of sandstone products to meet most building and construction needs with a variety of sizes and surface finishes. If you have a special requirement or style that isn't shown here, please contact us with more information and we'll be glad to help you with your specific requirements.

Autumn Brown | Budhpura Gray | BuffLalitpur Yellow | Mint | Rainbow | Rajpura Green | Sagar Black | Teakwood


Autumn Brown Budhpura Gray Buff

Mint Lalitpur Yellow Rajpura Green

Teakwood Rainbow Sagar Black
Hand cut Paving Sawn Tiles Six Sides Sawn Tiles Vibration (Tumbled)
Standard Sizes 60 series like 30x30 , 30x60, 45x60, 60x60, 60x75, 60x90 & 60x120 also in 56 series like 28x28, 28x56,56x40,56x56,56x70,56x84 & 56x112 CM. slabs 60-70 CM in length x 120-180 CM in width .

30x30, 30x60, 40x40, 60x40, 60x60, 60x90 & 60x120 CM.

30x30, 30x60, 40x40, 60x40, 60x60, 60x90 & 60x120 CM. & slabs 70x150 cm & above

30x30, 30x60, 40x40, 60x40, 60x60, 60x90

Standard Thickness

25-35 mm & also calibrated thickness 22mm , 25mm, & 30 mm .

10-20 mm ,15-25 mm & also calibrated thickness 10mm, 12 mm, & 15 mm .

20 mm & 30mm --
Standard Surface Both side Natural, Honed, Polished, Shot Blasted, Brushed, Lather Finish, & Vibrated finish (Tumbled). Also surfaces are available in combination like honed and then sandblasted or surfaces can be customized.

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